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Título: [NOTICIAS] M2HB replica with BB mechanism & simfire
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M2HB replica with BB mechanism & simfire (
26 February 2012, 9:12 pm

 M2HB replica with BB mechanism & simfire (

Robin has recently completed a M2HB replica with BB mechanism and simfire, he has sent over some details of his project as well as a couple of videos:

Hi, My name is Robin, 26 years old from Sweden. I just want to share my latest creation to raise the sense of reality in MILSIM.

Back in 2010 I decided to build a couple of M2HB to mount on the vehicles in the TF. I also built the MK93 mount for them.


The first complete M2HB had a M249 PGC box inside and shot 6mm BBs. Here is a few pictures and a short description of the build:

A year ago I was thinking of how I could make this .50 cal a bit louder than the sewing machine AEG it was. I experimented with a gunpowder powered bolt gun but the bang wasn´t that loud as I wanted.

A GBB drop in kit wasn´t loud enough either.

Then I found these reenactment forums and I discovered the SIMFIRE guns which is pretty common. Basically it´s two solenoids, a spark plug and an ignition coil controlled buy a circuit board. Two gases, propane and oxygen, is blended in a combustion chamber and is ignitable by the spark plug creating a loud bang and a muzzle flash.

Recently I fired the gun for the first time and I was amazed what a loud bang it really was. The gun was used on a milsim in Sweden (A Pandion and Tier1 teamwork) a week ago and people could easily hear the gun 5km (about 3 miles) through the deep forest. It was really appreciated.

Here is some pictures of the build:

( (

Take care and have fun out there! Best regards Robin


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