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em: Março 02, 2012, 12:00:25 pm
Introducing Simple Targets
2 March 2012, 10:33 am

Introducing Simple Targets: BigRedJ has sent over some details of his new venture Simple Targets:

Hi,    I just thought I’d send you and email about myself and my progressing hobby an passion for airgun and airsoft shooting.  I’m an avid member and now additional moderator for the Umarex Boys Club Forum, I’ve also been a very active member on Arnies in the past!  I’ve been into all kinds of shooting, from archery to airguns for many years.  Having recently re discovered CO2 pistol shooting and the fun crowd at UBC I remembered what I had been missing out on for years, The satisfaction of hitting that target, no matter what it is.

The one problem with low power airsoft and CO2 pistols was that though, the targets, I got bored quickly so I came up with my own Simple Target system.  A set of small free standing 3” steel targets, that I could place in various positions around my range for quick target acquisition and a satisfying clang for each hit.  

But one product does not make a viable store, so with input from members of many shooting forums, I found that not many people stock H&N lead ball ammo and CO2 is expensive.  So that got me started and now, after many months planning and saving, I’ve launched Its a personal project, run just by myself.  With the specific aim of providing a simple range of airgun accessories that people actually want.  With the most important request being good value products and shipping.   Hopefully people will continue to offer input, requests and most importantly buy stock!  Currently most of the accessories are aimed at air pistol users, but the ever growing range will soon include MadBull products and 6mm ammo.

(Simple Targets)

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