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[NOTICIAS] New And Improved eHobby Asia Megashop Opens


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em: Fevereiro 24, 2012, 16:00:32 pm
New And Improved eHobby Asia Megashop Opens
24 February 2012, 11:05 am

 New And Improved eHobby Asia Megashop Opens:

by OptimusPrime on February 24, 2012 | 0 comments

If you have been to Hong Kong, you know how expensive office and residential spaces are. Hong Kong has one of the highest real estate property prices in the world, and you see every nook and cranny maximised to accommodate whatever can be crammed even hotel rooms and flats are not as big as you're used to unless you have a lot cash to burn to stay at five star hotels. Just to expand your area would be what you call a b****.

Even visiting the airsoft mecca, which is in Mongkok, you'll find how tight the spaces the airsoft shops are. Only the Classic Army showroom along Dundas Street looks like it belongs to somewhere high end, such as being in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui, it is more like a high end fashion botique rather than an airsoft showroom.

eHobby Asia did some shape shifting here, and opened last Monday, 20 February, what they claim to be the world's largest airsoft store, over 10,000 square feet (around 929 square metres) unless any of the US retailers will claim otherwise. It boasts of a shooting range, shopping carts and baskets, more cashier and gunsmith counters, and over 20,000 products available. It even has free WIFI so you can do some skype video call to your mates so they can select products that you can buy for them remotely. To the airsoft shopper, this is nearest to airsoft heaven. And in Hong Kong, this is just a great feat of having an expansive place to sell airsoft products.

With the shooting range, it means that you can test the airsoft gun before you buy it. It is always has been haphazard testing airsoft guns inside airsoft stores, especially in Hong Kong, if you're allowed to do some test shooting. The only thing that the new eHobby Asia Showroom and Megashop lacks is a CQB area for airsoft customers who cannot wait to immediately go into battle with their spanking new airsoft guns and gear.

Looking at the photos, the new showroom has a great shop layout where products are displayed according to sections and the names of the brands are presented properly. The nearest shop layout we've seen like this was Supreme Co. HK, which is along Dundas Street, albeit they mainly deal on tactical gear, no airsoft guns and located many floors up within Park-In Commercial Centre.

Which means to say that for any airsoft player who lands in Hong Kong, this is a must visit place. With all those products under one roof and with a showroom that will make your shopping more pleasant, eHobby Asia just put airsoft shopping experience to another level. I am planning to drop by late this year if Hong Kong gets into my itinerary in my trip to the Far East late this year.

And one more thing --- this expansion means it's been a fantastic business for eHobby Asia, and hopefully this bodes well for the rest of the airsoft industry as well this year and years to come. Video of how the new megashop was built below:

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