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em: Janeiro 18, 2012, 14:00:04 pm
Gatee MERF 3.2 Mosfet
18 January 2012, 8:31 am

 Gatee MERF 3.2 Mosfet:

Carp at CQB Radio sent us a few MOSFETs by a Polish company called Gatee for review a bit ago and asked us to give them a go. The easiest to install was the MERF 3.2 , so I dropped it into my beloved KWA and gave it a go!

Some of you may not know what a MOSFET is. Not being the most electrically inclined person myself, I’ll describe it for airsoft as a device that helps regulate electrical signals to your motor. What this means is you can do some pretty funky things that don’t come stock on most AEGs. Each MOSFET comes with different options, so let’s look at what this one can do.

1. MOSFET – better in enhanced

2. Active Brake – only in enhanced

3. Protections for Li-Poly/Li-Ion/LiFePO4/NiCd batteries – resettable fuse

4. Short-circuit protection

5. Over temperature protection

6. Programming

7. Rate Of Fire Control

8. 3-rd burst mode – Safe/Semi/Burst (also Safe/Burst/Auto in enhanced)

9. Smart Trigger

As someone who’s been eying the Burst Wizard Burst Wizard lineup for a long time, this provides the key functions I was looking for out of a MOSFET. What’s it look like? Here it is just out of the packaging:

And on its own:

As you can see, this is designed to plug in between the battery and the motor. While it is possible to wire it directly to the motor, it is designed to be plug and play. Instructions are available by PDF, though ours came with it already printed. Both direct wiring and plug in instructions are fairly simple, but easy to follow, despite some interesting grammar.

Programming is accomplished through the use of a simple push button, or using the trigger to make changes when in enhanced mode. I opted to use the button for the initial setup and just plugged into the battery. This causes a series of LEDs to light up.

Selection of settings is done by following the lighting break down in the back of the instructions. In simple mode, this is done while the MOSFET is disconnected from the gun and using a long button push to enter editing. Short pushes move to the next option. Following this procedure, I set up the following options:

Battery – a 9.6V NiCd that time (not the LiPo shown above)

ROF – left at 100%

Smart Trigger – On

Burst time (Approximate) -

Operating mode – Semi/Burst

All that in place, I put MOSFET and battery into the gun. I found that it takes a bit of room to house this sizable device. Fortunately, the crane stock on the KWA has space for a small battery in the rear cap. I would consider replacing the coiled wire that comes stock with standard wiring, which would likely allow the MOSFET to be placed in the buffer tube.

Ready to run, and verifying that everything still ran, I went onto the field. This particular game was a team day at the Citadel, which prohibits full-auto as all combat is CQB. They do, however, allow burst fire. After relying on a rapid trigger finger to put down a lot of fire, switching over and having a 3-round burst was incredible. While it did make it clear that I was the one firing at any given moment, it also made it possible to get more than a few difficult ‘kills’. Popping around a corner and quickly throwing 3 shots down range worked out very well, though it did clear out my magazines much more quickly. And even though I had only used the approximate time for the burst, it consistently fired 3 rounds each time.

The other functions of this MOSFET are a little harder to quantify. The trigger does feel a little more crisp, but that’s a subjective comparison. Battery and electronics protection are areas I will have to wait and run down over time. Expect updates as I use it.

Near as we’re able to find, the MERF 3.2 and all Gatee products are only available off their website. Cost is @$55, before shipping from Poland, so end cost may be considerably more.

What I like -

Very easy to program

All functions seem to work as advertised, at least at this time

Inline use means no hard-wiring, though doing so opens up further functionality

Deans (which may be a con for others)

What I don’t like -

Size may be tough to fit into certain stocks

Currently only available by ordering off their site, so shipping may be high

In summary, I’m really enjoying this little piece of circuitry. I’ll beat on it for the coming season and report in to let you know how it holds up, but I’m really pleased with what I’ve seen so far!

- Oddball Out!

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Responder #1 em: Outubro 31, 2013, 18:45:47 pm
este mosfet e um bom mosfet?